“Straight Flush” Upland Food & Nesting  Dryland Perennial

40% Crested Wheatgrass

35% Intermediate Wheatgrass

10% Small Burnet

10% Alfalfa

 5% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

“Big Covey” Upland Bird Food Mix   Dryland Annual

20% Spring Wheat

20% Haybet Barley

20% White Proso Millet

20% Ajay Oats

20% Common Vetch

“Grand Slam” Big Game Mix    Versatile Annual

30% Winter Peas                                                   10%  Subclover

30% Tatraploid Annual Ryegrass                          2.5% Tyfon Cabbage/Turnip Cross

15% Common Vetch                                              2.5% Dynamo Turnips

10% Berseem Clover

“Maxi Rack” Big Game Mix    Dryland Perennial

50.0% Otana Oats

12.5% Alsike Clover

12.5% New Zealand White Clover

12.5% Range King Alfalfa

12.5% Small Burnet


Custom Mixes Available Upon Request.


 Pineview Horticultural Services, Inc

Food plot solutions designed for weather of the Mountain West.