Natures Own Paper Mulch

100% Wood Fiber Mulch


100% Straw Mulch.  Uses less water than wood or paper mulches.


Guar Gum based tackifier

                          Application Rate: 

                                       Flat to minor slope …………40 lbs. per acre

                                       3:1 slope…………………...100 lbs. per acre

                                       Straw Binding……………...125 lbs. per acre


J-3000 Tackifier


Erosion Control Blankets

             S-150                100% straw with photodegradable netting on top side only.

             SC-150                         Straw with photodegradable netting on both sides of the mat.

             C125                 100% Coir fiber with photodegradable netting on both sides of the mat.


Wire Staples


Straw Wattles


Silt Fencing




 Pineview Horticultural Services, Inc

100% Recycled paper mulch



Seed establishment mulching granules.  Can be applied with drop spreader.

We carry a variety of mulches to suit individual hydro-seeder preferences.  We carry J-3000 Guar Gum tackifier for difficult slopes with erosion issues.  For small seeding areas where hydro-seeding may not be practical we have SEED AIDE mulching granules that facilitate the establishment of new grasses and turf. 


On larger projects such roads and commercial construction sites we offer Erosion Blankets, Straw Wattles & Silt Fencing to address erosion issues and mitigate runoff.


For state or federal projects, we can provide scope and analysis reports to the appropriate agencies to meet bid requirements of the hydro-seeding plan as part of our consulting services.